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Vivek Sharma
Vivek Sharma
(President and Founder)
About Vivek Sharma

Vivek Sharma is President and Founder of SEO Sailor. He is a computer engineer. Before becoming a pioneer in SEO, he has been actively involved in internet marketing and SEO since protracted period of time. His immense experience and massive knowledge have made him the most respected professional in the industry. He has successfully increased sales and online visibility of his clients in all industries. His passion for growth and innovation has led Seo Sailor to become one of the most premium online marketing companies. He is a subject matter expert in: internet lead generation, social media, SEM, digital marketing and SEO. He has worked with countless small-to mid-sized businesses in SEO.

Vivek has built a preeminent reputation as a thought leader and expert in SEO industry. He loves to perform challenging tasks and is currently managing a leading SEO company having a goal to provide exceptional results to clients.

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