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What factors can make you better than other companies ?

We offer the best SEO tools available in the market. Our all tools are properly tested and highly effective. We also provide affordable SEO packages and give valuable suggestions to our clients about how to increase their website's online presence. Besides all this, we offer wide array of services such as SEO, SMM, PPC, Reputation Management and Product Promotion. In addition to this, we have large number of clients in several countries across the world. All these factors can certainly prove that we are far better than other companies.

What is the time duration to see results ?

It highly depends upon the age of website. If a website is already in Google index for few months, then significant results can be seen however results for new sites can be seen in MSN and Yahoo, usually less than three months.

What kind of guarantees are there ?

We guarantee that if you are not satisfied with our service within one month of starting an ongoing campaign with us, we will offer you money-back guarantee. We assure that you will be provided top-quality services and you will experience mammoth growth in business.


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What are the link tools that you offer?

We offer various link tools such as Link Popularity, Link Structure, Backlink Analysis and Backlink Hunter.

Apart from Web Seo Analysis tool, what other tools you provide?

We provide webmaster tools, domain tools, keyword tools, link tools and SEO Analysis tools. All tools are properly tested and highly effective.


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What payment options do you offer?

Currently, we accept payment through Paypal system, credit card, Mastercard, erisign and mediatemple. We assure that all modes of payment are safe and secure.

Are your prices higher/ lower than other companies?

Our prices are extremely affordable and lower as compared to rest of the companies. Our specialty lies in providing top quality solutions at a reasonable price.

Do you store my credit card data on your systems?

Absolutely Not. Seo Sailor cannot access your complete billing info. Rather, we use services of a secure payment gateway to perform transactions. We assure that there is no risk of exposing your data.

Do you have any additional charges or fees?

Not at all. We believe in transparency with our clients and charge limited amount of fees only. You do not need to give any additional fee or charges.

SEO SAILOR is under testing and maintenance. For any query , kindly contact us through enquiry form.