Emotion intelligence plays a momentous role in boosting site's conversion rate. It is unbelievably true that large number of people purchase for emotional reasons. Positive image of a website brings out positive emotions. Client-friendly experience and discount details convince users to buy a product. Majority of businesses are creating such things in their websites that prick their human emotional filter. If a reader feels happy while reading some information on a website, he is more likely to stay at that particular page for long and chances of buying a product increases.

Seo Sailor follows below mentioned steps which can persuade visitors towards a website and make them happy:

Video Content and Good copywriting

It would be great when visitors read unique content and videos that are related to a specific product. He will be excited to know more.

Conversion/ Reliability

When a reader comes to know that you are having an excellent reputation and brand, he will go ahead and purchase your product.


If a theme or design of your website is appealing or eye-catching and looks reflect a trustworthy brand, then more and more readers will spend adequate time and probably will buy your product.

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