WordPress Plugins – Enhance Website SEO and Usability

WordPress is a preeminent content management system which is controlled by its database. This excellent content management system is a commonly used platform for blogs. It allows to add users with particular roles. WordPress blogs are a superlative way to enhance a website’s rankings on search engines.
Primary focus of WordPress developers is to search various ways for improving user-experience. WordPress is absolutely free of cost and an individual does not need to spend money on host company for managing his blog in an effectual manner. Website owners can easily change the content according to their wish and it is not all intricate to manage pages of WordPress. An utmost benefit of WordPress content management system (CMS) is that it is user-friendly. Nowadays due to immense demand, this content management system is becoming more and more popular.
It is unbelievably true that some of the WordPress Plugins can certainly improve SEO and usability. Here is the list of these essential Plugins.
1. Simple URLs: With help of this Plugin, it is easy to track and control outbound links. Those who have affiliate links on their websites can evaluate conversion rate by becoming aware of number of links to individuals who buy anything through affiliate link.
2. Lightbox Plus and NextGen Gallery: As far as image gallery management is concerned, NextGen as a plugin is a primary requirement. These two plugins are highly effective and work together. Lightbox Plus provides several options for behavior and appearance of lightbox’s execution. Lightbox Plus utilizes a colobox which does not obstruct on-page SEO.
3. Utilization of Google Libraries: If someone wants to improve general performance of a website, Google libraries plugin will be an ideal option. This Plugin is known as a substitute of JavaScript libraries.
4. Gravity Forms: This Plugins handles various kinds of form generation and management like complete content management and basic contact forms. It is considered as an optimal plugin available.
5. Widget Logic: This Plugins works with the widgets. When it is installed, some options are added to every widget where you can easily define that whether widget should appear or not. This plugin helps to control that what content should appear in which section of a website.
6. W3 Total Cache: When it comes to performance, this plugin is indisputably most powerful. It has ability to handle browser caching, disk caching and comment or HTML linebreak removal.
7. WordPress SEO by Yoast: This plugin is easy to use and it can be used on every WordPress site you own.
8. RB Internal Links: This plugin aids with internal linking and utilizes post ID to link internally. This plugin plays a vital role in updating URL whenever someone wishes to change URL of a page or post.

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