Use Google Disavow Tool – Get Rid Of Bad Links

There are many of the people who have taken the advantage of recent Google disavow tool in order to improve their drowning ranking in terms of search engine optimization. However, it has been found that most of the aspirants have failed to use this wonderful tool due to lack of knowledge, especially about how to use it that serve the purpose.

To begin with, let us make it clear that it is for those whose Google ranking is declining because of either low quality links or spam links. These are the kind of links that mess up with the quality guidelines provide by Google. By and large, people misunderstood the Google disavow tool and tried to remove all unproductive links from their website in one go. Here is the catch.
This tool does not work that way because this tool has been developed only to lend a hand when you are not able to discard the back links manually anymore. Apart from considering the functionality of Google disavow tool, it is also essential to find out whether the tool is required to improve the performance of your website or not on the first instance.
This is simply because most of the links are accessible for Google and hence, there are very few users who would actually need to eradicate multiple back links from their web portal. In fact, if you use the tool even if it is not necessary, it may harm the reputation of your website on the ranking page.
All in all, it could be concluded that this tool is a supplementary arrangement when you need to recover from the artificial links. Hence, the potential user should not rely upon the Google disavow tool if they really need to get rid of the forfeit or seeking an algorithm hit. Rather, they should clean-up the links mindfully and use the tool for finishing.

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