Universal Analytics: Future of SEO Tracking

As we all are aware of the fact that tracking a campaign performance is the best way to make it successful. For SEO tracking and monitoring web traffic Google gave a fantastic tool that is Google Analytics but recently Google has released its new expansion in beta mode that is Universal Analytics. New Universal Analytics give more detailed report of your website performance with minute details of traffic.


Universal Google Analytics


It gives your information from which kind of devices, traffic is coming so you can plan your marketing strategy accordingly. In new universal analytics it has more customization option for data that with its new javascript code. In new analytics admin interface, it is easier to manage all the setting that was not so much easy in Google Analytics.


With new custom metrics and customer dimensions you can collect all those data that Google Analytics does not track. Another great feature of new universal analytics is Multiplatform tracking. Its collection and sending data to analytic account is very easy that make is more than just a website tracking. This is a feature that is very helpful for SEO tracking.


Following are few benefits that you can get with universal analytics that was not possible in Google Analytics :


1. You get a detailed idea how your customer interacts with your business on many different devices.

2. You get details from your mobile app’s performance.

3. It generates less client side demands so sites performance increases many fold.

4. With new method you can understand how you can get better results in the trems of sales/traffic.


To use this new universal analytics tool you can create a new analytics account. If you are already using Google Analytics then you can generate new web property in the same account to use universal analytics and explore its new features.


With all new features and expansion in the services we can say universal analytics is going to give a new edge to SEO tracking and it will make Google analytics a matter of the past.

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