Top 10 SEO Tips To Optimize Your Website

Search Engine Optimization refers to the techniques, methodology and process of increasing visibility of your si otever the organic search results of your search engine. There are various methods available nowadays with the help of which you can increase the traffic of over your site and hence increase up the rank of your site. Top 10 SEO tips

1. Keyword ResearchResearch keywordsa accuratelyThe prominent and prime thing is the keyword research. Keywords are the main element over which the whole game of SEO is dependent. Your content should be keyword rich. The search engine algorithm works over the keywords. But this doesn’t mean you should use bulk of keywords which fades up the quality of your content.

There are various SEO tools available which helps you in optimizing your content by suggesting a number of keywords e.g. Keyword Discovery or Google Adwords Keyword Tools.

2. Link Buildinglink building in seoLink building is also a vigorous technique in boosting up the Page Rank. The number and quality of the links in your site matters a lot, although the algorithm used by search engine decides the pagerank keeps changing frequently. Don’t only chase after increasing the number of links, by using significant and accurate content over reputed sites and directories, you would yield quality back links with helps in increasing your pagerank.

3. Chain of Links

It’s a good practice to use deep linking with the main link coming over your site. It will let users to visit various pages of your site conveniently and also facilitates in targeting other pages your site. Traffic over each page will contribute in increasing up your pagerank and also helps users to easily navigate over your site.

4. Using Sitemaps

Sitemap is the tool which facilitates users to visit every page of your site with ease. It helps both users and crawlers of search engine to rapidly and readily ride out over your site. XML sitemap have all information about the various pages of the site and also regarding the dates when these pages was last modified. For having better SEO you have to provide these XML sitemap to search engine so that users and search engine have to work less in searching out right page of the right site.

5. Compatible Content

Content is the main element of optimizing search engine. Content written should be both audience specific and search engine specific. It should be all well written, all according to topic so that users find it interesting and informative. On the other hand, it is also according to search engine algorithm. Stuff smartly your content with keywords, use relevant meta tags and alt tags. Make sure that your keywords used doesn’t come out as spam.

6. Give attention to Meta tags

Meta tags include two prime things meta description and keywords. Meta description is the small overview of whole the site wrapped up in 150-200 characters. Meta description is the content which comes under the topic of searched results. Usually by reading it out users decides whether to open the page or not. The meta description should be composed of keywords to easily take the rank up the page.

7. Take help of Social Mediasocial media for seoAs, Social Media is not pure SEO, but social media is the foremost helping factor in increasing recognizing of your site. There are various powerful social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, You tube, Delicious. Social media is the most emerging platforms to publish and promote your product and services. It lets you to engage with audiences easily by post, retweets, blogs etc.

8. Effective use of Alt tags

Alt take helps a little in optimizing Search Engine. Alt tags enhance visibility of your site. Adding relevant description to image tag helps in enhancing visibility in search engine while indexing. The more the quality and quantity of these image alt tags used the more recognizing you get.

9. Having Optimized and Relevant Heading

Heading is the main thing which is considered by both users and search engine while providing the results of the search engine. It should be relevant to user readability and have all relevant stuffing of keyword phrase so to get considered earlier while searching.

10. Make Sure Domain Name Contains Keywords

Use the optimum number of keywords in your domain name. Don’t overstuff your domain name with bulk of keywords, it may make your domain name spam. Don’t use hyphens too much on your site.

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing an informative blog content about top 10 seo tips for website optimization for search engine result page and improve traffic rank for website. I will share it on social media website.


    • Thanks Prem for query here.
      While directory submission, you will see there three or more than three options:regular link, featured link and reciprocal link.
      1) First, you should have to choose reciprocal link option to submit your link.
      2) After that, copy the reciprocal link from the “Reciprocal link” field and go to your website cpanel.
      3) Create a file with name link.html. Submit that reciprocal link in that file.
      4) After that you will be provided with a link i.e., Submit that link in the reciprocal field of the directory site.
      5) After filling all the required fields, click on submit. Your link will be submitted.

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