SEO Mistakes – Are You Really Aware?

Attaining top ranking within major search engines has become primary requirement of every business. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique through which a website can not only get top ranking but can also acquire top position, enormous traffic and increased sales. There is no dearth of firms which provide high quality SEO services and these are available in maximum countries across the world. The most imperative methods of SEO are on-page optimization and off-page optimization.
As majority of webmasters are not aware of SEO techniques and methods to improve their website, sometimes they commit few mistakes. Some of these mistakes are as under:
1. Focusing on Excessive Link Building: Spending plenty of time on link building is not at all a good decision. Instead of focusing too much on link building, you should concentrate on making something persuasive – a factor individuals will want to utilize your site. In addition to this, you can think about broader marketing by reaching out to folks in community, paying for advertising, guerilla marketing and talking to newspaper reporters.
2. Not Using Webmaster Resources: Apart from offering Webmaster Tools, Google offers various resources encompassing videos, blogs, forums and articles. Furthermore, Google interact with people online and attend search conferences. You can utilize tools from Blekko, Bing and other search engines.
3. Your Website has Bad Descriptions and Titles: On high traffic pages and home page of your website, appropriate descriptions and titles should be there. You must pay special attention to these. Descriptions of your website should be written in such a way that these entice more and more individuals to click on your results. By doing this, searchers will think that your website is an excellent resource to respond their queries.
4. Not Using Words Which Individuals Search For: As per opinion of experts, it is highly essential to have right words on the page. You must check that whether your pages utilize the words people look for or not. Users will not find your site if your pages do not have those words.
5. Your Website having Duplicate Content: Search engines endorse those websites which have original content and they will not support your website if duplicate content is present in it. Unoriginal content can affect ranking of your website also. It is advisable to check every page of your website and ensure that no page contains duplicate content. Rather than having derivative content, always prefer to have fresh, unique, original and relevant content.
6. Your Website Cannot be Crawled: Having a website that is not crawlable is of no use and it is one of the biggest mistakes that most of webmasters make. By following links, Google uses web crawlers such as GoogleBot and bots to index and find web pages. If good content is missing in your website, Google will not be able to crawl, index and rank the content. In order to fix this, it will be better to surf around your site to ensure you can reach pages on your website when you click on regular links supremely in a text browser. For this, you can click on Google’s cache of your website or page and then click on Text-only version link.

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