Improve Local SEO – Use Census Data

Census data helps administration of various government programs that guide state and local economic development in decision making process. If someone wants to have large area estimates like total population of a region, then Census data will be helpful for him. This data shows that population has grown in all areas. Large number of SEO services are using census data in order to target local markets prior to their active social and community promotion. Local SEO highly depends upon targeted keywords, industry and geographic location. Census data can provide comprehensive details to customize and tweak SEO. In recent years, countless businesses are using census data to improve local SEO.
Ways to Put Census Data to work
1. Feed Business Intelligence – Business intelligence (BI) comprises of process, ways, methods, theories and architectures that convert data into information that can be utilized by business. Business intelligence professionals use census data for improving rankings and creating customized SEO tactics. More and more businesses are hiring BI experts to work for them.
2. Constantly Updated Information – Census data is collected at appropriate time and there is less possibility that information will radically change between census years. Business owners will have serenity by knowing that their localized SEO information is current. Census information is available free of cost.
3. Pinpoint Neighborhoods – It is not sufficient to become aware about trends of a particular city. It is not necessary that if a business owner is an inhabitant of a town, he will be knowing all nuance of street. Census data can pinpoint where maximum complementary communities are residing depending upon what ethnic background, gender and age a business is targeting.
4. Know Who is Looking – Census data provides information to business owners that exactly where an individual logged in from when a business is tracking IP addresses. This data shows that individual can also fall in several categories, which can be utilized to provide better information, products and relevant services.
5. Go Micro-Local – Census data enables a business to micro-localize things down to a street, neighborhood or zip code. In presence of census data, there is an option of going micro-local.

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