How to Hire an SEO Expert for Your Business?

How to Hire an SEO expert for your Business?Today, there is an increase in competition in every field. Similarly, everyone wants to increase their website visibility on the search engine result page as compared to their competitor’s website. Everyone wants to rank higher on the SERP. For this you hire SEO experts for your business so that they can help in improving your website ranking as well as for increasing traffic. But, while hiring an SEO consultant for your business, most of the people don’t consider some essential factors; they don’t ask questions from them and just hire them. This is the biggest mistake that you make while hiring an SEO expert. There are some questions that you should ask from an SEO consultant:


Experience and Projects Handled:

You should ask him that how much experience he/she holds in the field of search engine optimization. Also ask him about the projects handled during this experience.


List of Clients:

Ask him for the list of past and current clients with whom he has worked with. A reputed SEO expert will share with you a brief list of clients with their contact information. This information can help you in determining the reviews of clients about the ranking of the website, traffic and conversion rate.


Strategies for Improving Ranking:

Strategies for Improving Ranking

Ask him about the methods and strategies that he will follow for improving the ranking of the website on SERP. Also ask him about the time he will take to achieve the business goals. Whenever you ask for the methods, make sure that the consultant proposal includes a technical review of your website with all the factors for sorting the issues like canonical issue, error pages, broken links and others. Ask him about the various ON page and OFF page strategies that he will use for making your website search engine friendly as well as for improving its ranking.


Webmaster Guidelines:

Ask him whether he follows Google webmaster guidelines while doing SEO or not. If he doesn’t follow the webmaster guidelines then your website may get lower ranking and Google can also ban your website from search results.


Keywords that are ranking:

Ask him about the keywords that which of his client’s website keywords are ranking well on Google. Ask him about the keyword position and page on which the keywords are ranking. Also ask him that how many keywords are ranking.


Experience for Local Search Results:

Ask him about the experience for improving local search results. If you want to optimize your website for local SEO then the targeted location must be included in the keywords. Ask him about this strategy.


Guarantee for Ranking:

Guarantee for Ranking

You should also him that will he guarantees you to provide first ranking on all the search engines. If his answer is “Yes” and he guarantee you to rank on 1st position then don’t hire him as it totally depends on Google. Google, Yahoo and Bing decide whether your website will rank low or high depending upon all the strategies used in SEO.


Changes Done on the Website:

SEO is a broad term that requires a number of changes to your website. Ask him to share all the changes that he will do to your website like adding Meta title, Meta description in the coding and others.


Procedure for Sending Work Status Report:

Ask him that how often he will send you the work status report i.e. every day, weekly or monthly. Also ask him that how he will send you the reports through Skype, email or any other procedure.


Communication Channel:

Every SEO expert has its own communication channels and styles. Choose the one that best fit your requirement and needs. Ask him whether he wants to talk in person, through Skype, texting or emails.


Fees and Payments Terms:

Fees and Payments Terms

Ask him about the charges for the on page and off services. The charges mostly depend on the projects size and complexity. Also ask them about how often are invoice payments i.e. after 1 month, 2 months or 3 months. Is there any interest charge for late payment?


Contract Termination:

When your contract expires or you terminated it early, then you should maintain an ownership to pay the consultant of all of the optimized website content. Also make sure that whether they charge you any fee for early termination or not.


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