How SEO Strategy will change in 2015?

As we all know that SEO is a process that keeps changing with the update in the Google algorithms. In 2014, Google has rolled out its algorithms several times so in 2015 people are also expecting that there will be further changes in the Google algorithms. So there will be some changes in SEO strategy that you need to focus more in 2015:


Mobile Optimization:

Mobile-Optimization prefer to get rank in search engine

It is expected that in 2015 mobile will be king for driving more traffic to your website so you need to focus more on it. Your website should be mobile optimized means it should be responsive on the mobile devices and should be displayed on it exactly. Mobile searches will overtake the desktop searches so in 2015 you need to develop a strong mobile strategy for your website.


Focusing on Social Media:


Social media is almost overtaking SEO. It is considered as an important strategy for getting more and more traffic towards your website. Social media is a great technique for online marketing strategy. So you need to focus more on social media approach.


Optimization for other Search Engines:

search engine optimization

Google is the most popular search engine but on the other hand, other search engines like Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo will also play a vital role in SEO. So you need to optimize your website according to these search engines also.


Focusing on ROI rather than Keywords Ranking:

focus on roi rather than keywords

Now, most of the businesses don’t focus more on keyword ranking if they are getting benefit without ranking first on the search engine results page. So in 2015 you need to focus more on the approaches that help you to maximize your ROI.


Focusing on Email Marketing Strategy:


Emails will be considered more important marketing strategy in 2015. Email marketing will help in focusing more on target audience and hence will help in driving targeted traffic to your website.


Voice Search will become Popular:

voice search is popular in seo

It is expected that with the increase in popularity of smart watches, the voice search is also going to become more popular in 2015.


Focusing on the Content:


In 2014, the algorithm was rolled out for the quality content. In 2015, it is expected that the algorithms will be so refined ranking with black hat tactics and spun content will become very difficult.


Focusing on Speed and Search Engine Friendly factor:
Google hates the website who take too much time to load and that have poor navigation. So you need to focus more on this factor so that your website will be easily indexed by the search engines.

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