High Bounce Rate – Just Need Few On Site Changes

Bounce rate is a percentage of visits that go only single page before exiting a specific website. High bounce usually signifies that landing or site entrance pages are not appropriate to your visitors. There are large number of factors which can result in bounce rate. Due to usability or site design issues, majority of visitors prefer to leave a website from entrance page.
When a user bookmarks a particular page of your website, visits and leaves it, this is considered as a bounce. When there is only one page on a site, Google Analytic’s do not register manifold page views unless visitors reload that particular page. Consequently, single-page websites are more likely to have high bounce rates. Reducing bounce rate on pages having great volume traffic from high converting sources implies excellent chance of conversion and immense engaged visitors.
Tips to Optimize Bounce Rate
1. Shun Pop-Ups: It is an undeniable fact that individuals get annoyed with pop-up ads. These ads disrupt user experience and therefore, it will be better to avoid pop-ups.
2. Create Original Content: In order to reduce bounce rate, creating original and unique content is a crucial step. In terms of readability and graphical treatments, your content should be attention-grabbing.
Utilization of intuitive navigation for significant terms.It will be a wise decision to provide clear paths to the visitors so that they could acquire the content they look for.
3. Poor Design is Less Tolerable: Your website’s design reflects the quality of your services and business. Lack of good design can have a bad reputation on visitors. Therefore, it is of the essence to have appropriate, creative and unique design.
4. Speed: If a webpage takes 10 seconds to load, it affects bounce rate. Slow loading of page can have a negative impact on conversion rate and search rankings.
5. Offer a Helpful 404 Page: You can make use of Google’s suggestive snippet to create useful 404 pages. To generate a JavaScript snippet, you can go to Enhance 404 pages section in Google webmaster tools. In addition, you can add a link and search box to your homepage.
5. External links in New Windows: Opening external links in different new windows is certainly a good option and it should never be overlooked. While doing a link out to resource on your site, rather than redirecting user off your website, you can open a new window.
6. Messaging is Manifestly Obvious: There is only less time to translate value to a new visitor and it is of no use making them guess. With help of taglines, you can translate purpose in a rapid manner.
7. Be attentive about Ad Placement: Nowadays, Google penalize pages which have excessive ad units. It will be great to avoid too much ad placement.

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