Google Updates – How to Protect Your Website?

In current era, all businesses have become cautious about protecting their websites from Google SEO penalties. In previous decades, this was considered as the most stressful and intricate task. However now, experts have found plenty of ways to achieve this imperative goal. It is highly depressing moment whenever a specific website gets penalized by Google.
Factors Protect from Google SEO Penalties
1. Observe Anchor density constantly: It is of the essence to keep a close eye on anchor density. When new links are built, anchor density is also more likely to change. High anchor density for money terms can lead to SERP manipulation which further results in Penguin penalties. The most necessary thing is to run anchor density report on monthly basis and it will be better to be less than 15% for a money term. For brand terms, anchor density can go beyond 50% without penalties. In contrast to this, when anchor text having high density primarily focuses on money terms, it could educe penalties. Building brand term links or noise can be useful in order to diminish percentages if density gets higher.
2. Creating Google Analytic’s Alerts: As soon as you will create intelligence events alerts, you will be notified by Google Analytics if anything changes occur or traffic decreases.
3. Regular Check on Your Backinks: It is essential to check that who is linking to u and whether your links are from low quality or good quality websites. It will be a wise decision to remove links that are from low-quality or spammy sites. Links should be checked on regular basis. Using various SEO tools to monitor backlinks will be an excellent option. You should have appropriate track of all your emails. It will be helpful to you to file a reconsideration request if you get penalized.
4. Keep an Eye on Webmaster Tools Account: Potential problems can affect health of your website and may lead to traffic or ranking loss. Therefore, to minimize such problems, it is indispensable to watch your Webmaster tools account and links that Google display in your account.
5. Monitoring Link Ratio: While monitoring health of your website, you should look for few ratios such as Deep Links ratio, site type, Sitewide ratio, link location, link type and site type. There is a possibility of misbalancing if large number of links are coming from link directories. That is why, it will be better to build alternate links for creating a healthy backlink profile.
6. Shun Spammy Link Building: Another factor to be kept in mind is to avoid spammy link building.
7. Avoid Duplicate Content: The important factor leading to penalties most of the time. As we all know “content is king”. If you have quality content then you are one of the top most websites.
8. Follow Google Webmaster Guidelines: Following webmaster guidelines is the only key which include all the factors that tell and help us about the rules of the Google search engine. So reading it once can make you a expert and safeguard your website from Google SEO penalties.

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