Google Glass – Is It Really Worth as Virtual Assistant?

Google Glass is becoming more and more popular these days. It has ability to bring positive outcomes in internet marketing. It responds to voice commands and queries. With help of this glass, it is lot more easier to behold a restaurant, view its menu, evaluate its ranking and provide information if it gives any coupon. In addition to this, Google glass will also provide directions while walking or driving.
When it comes to social marketing, Google spectacles will play a pivotal role. Through this amazing device, it is possible to take and share videos and pictures. This sharing will offer instantaneous marketing. The most impressive thing is that it has GPS, microphone and embedded camera. It can be used to send messages as well. Price of this fabulous device is approximately $750 or above. This glass has 16GB storage and 720p video recording. It is believed that display of this device is equivalent to 25 inch HD television from some distance.

Additional Features of the Google Glass

 Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth
 5MP photos
 Adjustable nosepads
 Durable frame
 Encompass Micro USB cable and charger
 High resolution display with HD screen from eight feet away
 Bone conduction Transducer Audio.
As per opinion of experts, Google glass will certainly become an imperative part of everyone’s daily life. This device offers at-a-glance search results. Google glasses have a tiny battery hidden inside the frame and have integrated heads-up display. Objective behind this glass is to make wearable computing mainstream. The device is controlled through voice control.
Google glass has been specifically designed to work with every bluetooth phone but to make full use of it, MyGlass companion app which works on Android phones can be used. This app enables GPS and SMS messaging. While walking with an ear bud all day, it is not at all intricate, inconvenience or discomfort as the audio has a bone conduction technology. Glass has USB port for data and charging. Furthermore, it has standard connectivity. As we all know that Microsoft and Apple are the biggest rivals of Google, it is expected that they will also introduce an equivalent device in prospective years.

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