Google Dance – How Does It Effect SEO?

Google Dance is a term which is utilized to depict major index update by Google search engine. It is an imperative aspect of search engine optimization. Usually, when Google Dance affects handful of articles, it leads to standstill of sales. URLs drop in and out of search results and this activity is referred as Google Dance. It occurs when a website drops from rankings in a rapid manner. Google Dance is imperative for webmasters and it is the most atrocious time for link buyers and builders. In contrast to this, when a website ranks very well, it is the most delightful moment for businesses. Google Shuffle is another name of Google Dance. Generally, when Google shuffles website rankings in its SERPs (search engine results pages), results of a specific search on Google oscillate.
Google Dance occurs every month specifically at the end of a month. Google spiders crawl unlimited web pages and a webmaster should understand Google Dance tendency and update his site prior to submit it to search engine listings for SEO. Few people have a misconception that Google Dance is a permanent thing. If any entity continues to build backlinks and add content to a website rather than giving up, then his site gets higher spot and retains its original position once again.
Google Dance has ability to affect traffic levels. Publishing and creating quality articles is the best way to minimize impact of Google Dance. It has been observed that brand new articles appear on first page of Google and acquire great rankings. This particular stage is crucial as rankings can decline if nothing is done during this time. Building backlinks for articles that bring immense traffic is extremely of the essence. It will be a wise decision to overlook those articles which cannot rank.
Writing and publishing on article directories and own blogs is indisputably an ideal option. While building backlinks, Google thoroughly checks that whether a particular website is spamming or becoming popular. If a website is not getting fast rankings, Google drops page in SERPs. Then, a site has to wait for short period of time to back up on top.

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