Google – Best in Keeping Malware Out From Search Results

Google has successfully moved ahead of Blekko, Yandex and Bing in keeping out malware from search results. As a report of latest study, it has been proved that this statement is absolutely correct. In that study, more than 13690 websites of Yandex, 10912 sites of Google, 3007 sites of Blekko and 10958 sites of Bing were tested.203 malware were found in Blekko. 272 malware was found in Google. 1285 malfare was found on Bing and the maximum malware found was in Yandex i.e. 3330. Yandex had 0.24 links that contain malware. .012% of search results of Bing were links to malicious sites and it was more than 5 times as compared to Google. In comparison to other, Blekko with .0067% was at second place after Google. AV-TEST was conducted and as a result of 18 month study, more than 38 million web pages came from Blekko, Yandex, Bing and Google. As per AV-TEST report, about 92.5 percent detection rate was estimated by malware-blocking software in 2012.
Google was declared as a paramount industry leader in anti-malware technology and research. According to a survey, it has been highlighted that few topic searches on Google returned more than 90% malicious links. Yandex has large amount of malware in its search results. Statistics of Yandex notifies that it evaluates about 22 million web pages each day for malware. It marks inappropriate web pages in its search results to inform users of infected content.

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