Google Analytics – Measure Google Adwords Performance

In recent time, plenty of small and large businesses rely upon Google AdWords in order to acquire qualified visitors to their mobile sites and websites. Google AdWords provides large number of key metrics for measuring ad click through rate, average keyword position, cost-per-click, clicks and impressions. When it comes to drive mammoth traffic to a website, Google AdWords is considered as a preeminent tool. This tool gives comprehensive information about which keywords can lead to conversions and provide traffic. It is an ideal platform to advertise services and products online. It also helps in managing pay per click campaign.
Google Analytics can track success of organic search campaign results along with paid search results. Google Analytics can certainly increase AdWords performance. Countless individuals are using Google Analytics and various other tools to gather more information, making more money and analyze their business. AdWords should be appropriately implemented to attain maximum potential. Setting up Google Analytics is not at all a complicated or time-consuming process.
Webmasters should install a tracking code on their home page.
Utilizing Google Analytics to Measure AdWords Performance
1. Creating Intelligent Alerts: Adding Intelligence alerts in Google Analytics has proved to be useful. It is advisable to create alerts which identify particular criteria and will notify when criteria is hit. You can recognize negative or positive changes on your campaigns and websites through intelligence alerts in Google Analytics.
2. Shun Missing AdWords Metrics: There are few ways to measure engagement and post click performance. You can use metrics like time on site and bounce rate from Google Analytics into AdWords. Engagement metrics data in Google Analytics is extremely helpful. AdWords metrics should never be overlooked.
3. Creating your Paid Search Dashboard in Google Analytics: Web marketers always prefer to look into micro conversions, content consumption and increased targeting techniques. Therefore, it will be better to create paid search dashboard. Login into Google Analytics is the basic step to create this dashboard.
4. Leverage AdWords Dashboard: Dashboard highlights comprehensive details such as visits and bounce rate by keyword, campaign and landing page. Nobody can deny a fact that ideal dashboards are actionable ones. It is a wise decision to leverage an AdWords dashboard in Google Analytics. Dashboards can bring positive outcomes for you such as increasing profits and saving costs.
There are unlimited advantages of linking Google analytics accounts with Google AdWords. When you search for particular information, you will get an opportunity to expand the data delivered. It can benefit your online marketing efforts.

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