Facebook Security Features Making Things Complicated?

Facebook has recently introduced its new feature known as trusted contacts. Usually, when someone’s account gets locked out, it is highly intricate to get back into that account. However with help of this new feature, this task has become easier and straightforward. It has been specifically designed to make life easier by inclination on friends when you need to re-entry. In order to get back into the account, users will need a code from few people i.e. his trust contacts. Whenever you will get locked out of your account, Facebook will send you a code to chosen list of trust contacts or few friends.
New feature is considered to be a powerful way to triple-lock account and prevent any entity from entering. To access the account again, three codes should be entered. An utmost benefit of doing is that hackers will never break in. Facebook suggest calling these friends to obtain codes. Trusted contacts feature works in an effective way. In today’s digital world, everyone can get connected with their friends in a rapid way. Giving a set of keys to trusted neighbor is a good decision whenever you ever locked out. Facebook is combining old-school ways of relying on friends with digital security.
According to Facebook, while anyone may trust his friend from pre-school who is on vacation or sabbatical in some place, it will be great option to choose the known individuals that he will be able to reach. Facebook rolled out an immensely popular security method i.e. two-factor authentication which provides massive security to an account besides a password. While logging onto an account from a device the service doesn’t identify, a voice or text message will be sent to you along with a code which can be entered prior to access is granted in order to ensure that its actually you. It is highly astonishing that plenty of individuals are not aware about two-factor authentication security method.
In addition to this, Twitter users have also asked for this security method to come to micro-blogging site which has witnessed high profile hacks in previous years.
What is your opinion about this feature? Should Facebook focus less on trusted contacts or find out ways to ramp up two-factor authentication?

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