Facebook Phone – Will It Be A Hit?

In today’s cutting edge technology, Facebook phone has brought positive outcomes in mobile phone industry and it is witnessing immense growth. Facebook phone has become the first preference of large number of people. As compared to other phones, this particular phone is easy to use, more compatible to users and has awesome features.
Features of Facebook Phone
* Retina Screen: Facebook phone’s high definition display is becoming prominent due to its retina scanning ability. When users will be screening anyone’s calls, Facebook can assess it easily. In addition to this, individuals they are ignoring will be turned off in the settings.
* Automatic Transcription Service: By using this phone, everyone can have plenty of benefits. There is no possibility of missing any brand name, witty joke or verbal agreement as it will transliterate and record each and every call.
* Flawless Web to Phone Integration: An utmost advantage of having a facebook phone is that information highway goes in both ways. It will play a recording of nervous or shallow breathing and begin a series of calls to a friend whom users have been Facebook-stalking for couple of weeks.
* Effective Alarm Clock: Snooze button of Facebook phone uploads a new Instagram picture with help of Infrared Night Vision. Facial recognition algorithms will ensure personal-brand dilution and cross-platform humiliation by optimizing upload for “most unattractive”. This will give users immense motivation to get up during morning.
* Provide notification in unforeseen situation: For a mobile user, the most depressing moment is when his phone is stolen or misplaced. However, this phone is lost by mistake; all contacts will get notification through Facebook. Furthermore, contacts will get a message that user has lost his mobile and request them to give their numbers again. As a result, a new list will be created.
* Suggested Phone Calls: This option allows users to reconnect with loved ones who were not contacted since long time.
* Real-Time Calendar Notification: When user will not be able to reach any Facebook event on time, this phone will use its G.P.S to identify the location of user and will send a message to his friend that he will be there in few minutes.

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