Content Marketing : Top SEO Trend for 2013

In recent time, more and more businesses are using different techniques to get, interact and attract target clients. Content marketing is usually a process of writing content online with an objective of acquiring individuals to read it and take action on a website. It is an ideal way to drive immense traffic to a particular website. It is done by using various strategies such as videos, articles, newsletters and blogging. Content marketing is a superlative advertising method for marketing on internet.
It is undeniably true that good content certainly keep visitors engaged and get coveted backlinks for rankings. For a particular business, implementing content marketing is highly pivotal for generating great revenues.
How to Use Content Marketing
 Creating content on regular basis
 Sharing content on web and social media in different forms
 Following a content strategy
Successful content marketing publications usually depend on social traffic for timely impressions. Since long time, content marketing has been used for building links. It gives a chance to share valuable and free content to build links and impress visitors, turn them into paying clients and furthermore repeat customers. Newsjacking is a type of content marketing and it focuses on breaking news events. SEO and content marketing are two industries having different identities but they are somehow inter-related to each other. A content writer should have ample knowledge about the industry for which he writes a content. However SEO experts need to have sufficient knowledge about analytics, webmaster tools, updates, search engines and their algorithms.
Things to Remember While Doing Content Marketing
1. Knowledge about writing for online users: Maximum online users prefer to read short, relevant and easy to understand articles. It is advisable to visit topmost article directories and sites prior to start writing.
2. Having appealing website and amazing blog: Building a great website is an imperative step before conceptualizing a content marketing campaign. If a website page or blog is not eye-catching or interesting, visitors will not buy anything rather will leave the page immediately.
3. Creating SEO friendly content: Writing SEO friendly content is highly indispensable. While writing, SEO requirements should be kept in mind. It is momentous to ensure that right keywords are targeted. Blogs and articles should be written in such a way that potential customers will see them.
4. Promoting content and distributing articles in a proper way: If articles are distributed on several portals such as social networking sites, blogs and directories, everyone can reach out to plenty of people.
5. Blog commenting and forum: Visiting different blogs and giving intelligent comments is an excellent option to be visible to visitors of that blog. In addition, moving to forum and respond to questions, analyzing situation, providing comprehensive explanation and offering superlative advice will be helpful.

Business Benefits of Content Marketing
1. Increases Exposure: With new publication, large number of individuals view what is written and use few publications on their websites.
2. Establish a Brand: Content marketing provides frequency, consistency and exposure. These factors are highly effective to establish a brand.
3. Builds Credibility: By publishing top-quality and accurate content, it becomes easy to build credibility. To make marketing efforts effective, credibility is of utmost importance.
4. Builds Backlinks: Content marketing is extremely pivotal as it builds large number of backlinks for a site.
5. Generate Immense Traffic: When a single publication creates interest for online readers, it gets maximum exposure and generates traffic to a website for prospective time.
6. Affordable Marketing Technique: In comparison to other marketing techniques, content marketing is affordable and it has ability to bring positive outcomes for a business. Content marketing offers unlimited benefits for marketing, sales and client service.
An appropriately used content marketing strategy can bring long term success to a business and increase revenues. This strategy is useful and advantageous for those who are unable to do pay per click marketing. It is important that articles should be of unique content. Prior to write a single word of content, it is crucial to choose the target audience. As a report of recent survey, it has been proved that majority of people are utilizing content marketing to promote their brand and enhance popularity of their business.

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