Website Content Protection – How to Prevent Content Theft

Usually, it takes time and efforts to create content. Content theft is one of the major concerns these days and maximum websites have been affected by it. Original content is extremely essential to rank well in Google. While writing content for a website, it is imperative to ensure that it is unique and not copied from anywhere. As it is believed that content is the king, it is necessary to protect it.
As far as building your online reputation and content protection are concerned, Google authorship is a superlative tool. When content is entered in it, Google knows that you created it. Furthermore, if it is copied somewhere, you will not be punished for duplicate content. Videos, text and images can be easily stolen. Plenty of people steel the content from a specific website and republish it as their own. Stolen content can affect a business and its image.
If you find that your content has been stolen, you must take following steps:
1. Preparing Evidence – It is advisable to make screenshots and gather your evidence. Source files for videos and images can be a relevant proof. If the content indexed in Google has a date, it can be evidence that content was stolen from you.
2. Get in touch with the thieves and their host – Sending a friendly email to infringing party is a crucial step. There is a possibility that by receiving your friendly email, blog owner removes the content and hence, the problem will be solved. In contrast to this, if blog owner does not remove the content, you can contact the hosting provider. You can attach the evidence and if required at any point of time, hosting provider may close their account.
3. Set Google Alerts – If you are looking for ways to catch content thieves, Google Alerts will be helpful. Google Alerts is a great service from Google. These alerts will constantly watch for copied content.
4. File a complaint – Filing a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) complaint with Google is an ideal option. It is an undeniable fact that Google removes stolen content in a quick manner. As soon as you will submit the complaint, it will be removed from Google’s index.
5. Creating Barriers – By creating few technical barriers, it will become intricate for individuals to take your content.
6. Monitoring your Online Content – In order to protect your content, it is important to check for inappropriate use of content on internet. Copyscape and grammarly are splendid tools which give comprehensive details about copied or duplicate content. It also provides a banner and by inserting this banner, you can deter individuals from stealing your content. By using unique sentences of your work in the search term, you can perform a basic internet search.

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