Author Ranking – Is It Really a Necessity?

Building author ranking is considered as an imperative part of SEO. In order to get success, acquiring top rankings is extremely of the essence. By getting topmost ranking among major search engines, every website owner wants his site to be stand out among competitors. Author rank is a recent update of Google and it is an ideal way to identify authority of content creator, web author or blogger. It is utilized as an imperative signal to gauge or rank quality and trusted content such as videos and articles in an effective way.


When content on a particular page is linked to an author who has powerful Author Rank in Google, then search position of that page becomes higher. Author rank gives an opportunity to websites to acquire credit for authority, gain credibility, content and improves search engine rankings in Google. If you have high author rank in Google, your content will also rank higher in its search results.


Importance of Author Ranking

1. Enhances click through rate
2. Increases exposure and credibility.
3. Making quality contents predominant in results.


It is absolutely correct that Author ranking is essential for better search engine optimization (SEO) and in turn business. Author Rank SEO technique has ability to generate immense traffic for a website and makes content be noticeable within search result pages. It usually breaks down content that is posted in unlimited websites, analyzes its quality and provide rank to a specific site based on relevancy.


Basic Steps to Develop Author Rank:

1. Publishing unique content regularly
2. Appropriate utilization of rel=”author” attribute.
3. Optimizing and creating Google plus profile.


Unique, original and fresh content comes from competent authors and Google Author rank highlights the best authors and rank search results. This update filters websites that have good quality content and as a result, users get appropriate information. By measuring online activities of author such as participating in forums, social networking and blogging, Google evaluates them.


To make websites rank higher, increasing author rank in front of Google’s algorithms is a preeminent strategy. Keyword search can build author ranking. When keywords are searched, a website gains high popularity and audience certainly increases which ultimately enhance rankings. Allowing guest posting with good ranked websites that have ideal content is also highly advantageous for moving the ranking up.

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