Website SEO Analysis - How to do Website Analysis

What is website analysis?

Website analysis is the best method to track a website's performance on SEO standards. Prime goal of website analysis is to improve quality and effectiveness of a website.

How to Do Website Analysis

1. Homepage Analysis

Link on the logo is extremely of the essence as it redirects to the homepage. A website must contain all latest updates and news in its homepage. Sitemap of a website should be checked because it has ability to help users when they face any problem while navigation. Checking contact information on homepage of the website is also a crucial step.

2. Content Analysis

It is indispensable to check pages of a website such as testimonials, help and FAQ. It will be good if font utilized for text is similar for all pages. Furthermore, all pages should have relevant content. Content item should be less than three clicks away from homepage. In other words, three click rule should be properly followed.

3. SEO Analysis

The most important step is checking that whether your website has keywords which are found when search engines crawl for your website or not. Each page of your website should comprise of different keywords. Meta description for each page should also be dissimilar. It will be better if the description is within word limit, consists of relevant keywords and belong to that specific page. Titles for every page should be different from each other and they should be filled with keywords.

4. Accessibility and Usability Analysis

W3C validation is done to make sure that your site is appropriately displaying across several web browsers. It will also check broken links, warnings or coding errors of your website and in addition will fix all these issues. It is essential to analyze that your website includes Alt Tags which are utilized by search engines for keyword density purpose as well as identifying images or not. CSS validation is an ideal method to check that web pages of your website are error-free or not. In addition, it helps in checking compatibility of your site for future, cross-platform, cross-browser and search engine visibility. Flash content should be of minimal use as search engines find it intricate to index flash content. 

5. Page Design Analysis

This analysis includes checking images used in your website and ensure that these are apposite for the product and company. Checking design, color and theme of entire website is also a key factor. Font colors and backgrounds of your website should be appealing and easy to read. It will be great if your website follows the web 2.0 guidelines.


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